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Efforts of Children Self-Help Groups

123.03.2023   14:38

The children's self-help group organised at the Joomart Bokonbaev boarding school in Bazar-Korgon district includes only active, committed students; they manage all the school's social activities and are very active in various events.

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The world of fairy tales in maternal school

123.03.2023   12:56

The event "Mum's Fairy Tale" was held at the maternal school "Nazik" in Bazar-Korgon town of Bazar-Korgon district. Children's mothers tell fairy tales.

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Children's holiday

223.03.2023  11:43

At the Guldeste maternal school in the village of Kairyma in the Akman rural district of Bazar-Korgon district, children presented a concert programme to their parents, where they performed songs and dances taught to them by their teachers.

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‘Clean Village’ environmental campaign

113.03.2023  11:47

Self-Help Groups are one of the main components of the project of the WPU Erayim ‘The Introduction of a Combination of Modern and Traditional Approaches to Prevent the Conflict in the South of Kyrgyzstan’, supported by the German organization Bread for the World.

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Effective methods for managing internal savings

110.03.2023  11:58

In Self-Help Group activities, the process of effective and proper management of the group's funds (internal savings of SHGs) is important. Regular skill development training for SHG members is a necessary process to ensure that they are working in the right direction.

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National Flag Day

106.03.2023  10:57

On 3 March 2023, on the occasion of the Day of the State Flag of the Kyrgyz Republic on the initiative of children's self-help groups, an event ‘The Kyrgyz Flag Living for Ages’ was organised.

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The internal streets of Ishkavan have been illuminated

128.02.2023  11:38

Improving the infrastructure of the villages will make life easier for residents and help to address security issues. Self-Help Groups and its Associations established within the framework of Erayim projects play an important role in solving local problems.

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Important issues were discussed at the People's Assembly

128.02.2023  11:34

From 24 to 26 February 2023, public meetings were held in the rural districts of Mady, Shark and Kyzyl-Kyshtak with the participation of the Head of State Administration - Akim of Kara-Suu district of Osh Oblast, Turusbek Nogoev.

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Language is the great wealth of a nation and its priceless treasure

124.02.2023   12:24

Members of 32 SHGs organised in Shark, Toloikon, Kyzyl-Kyshtak rural districts of Kara-Suu district of Osh oblast held a festive event on the occasion of International Mother Language Day in the Cultural Center of Shark rural district.

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Capacity building of SHG Association


20.02.2023  14:37

Capacity-building activities have started for 8 Self-Help Groups that will become part of the SHGs Associations in Shark, Mady and Kyzyl-Kyshtak rural districts of Kara-Suu district.

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