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SHGs received income from growing maize

114.09.2022  10:49

Members of the Maksat SHG in Mady village of Kara-Suu district jointly grew maize on 2 hectares of land. For this purpose, the members of SHG Maksat allocated 45 thousand from the internal savings of the SHG and used it for ploughing, sowing seeds, irrigation and fertilisers.

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Beekeeping is a profitable business

120.08.2022  12:19

Associations of Self-Help Groups create and develop profitable businesses that contribute to the development of the local economy.

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Rest on the Kara-Shoro pasture

120.07.2023  11:34

In July 2022, members of SHGs Maksat, Bereke, Eldos and Ezas, established in Mady rural district, organized a week-long holiday at Kara-Shoro pasture in Uzgen district of Osh province.

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Active work of the SHG Associations

021.01.2023  10:41

The training "Voice of the people and responsibility of local self-government bodies, budget process" was conducted for members of public associations "Kurmanjan Datka", "Shark", "Kyzyl-Experienced trainer Gulgaky Mamasalieva conducted it within the framework of the project WPU Erayim ‘The Introduction of a Combination of Modern and Traditional Approaches to Prevent the Conflict in the South of Kyrgyzstan’, supported by the German organization Bread for the World.

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Training on socio-psychological methods organized in Kara-Suu

017.01.2023   11:16

The training "Social and psychological methods of work with children from low-income families" was conducted for the beneficiaries of the project.

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Desertification is one of the main problems of our time

122.05.2023   12:23

The main problem of our time is that rangelands are being depleted due to the negative impact of natural phenomena or the increase in the number of private livestock.

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Taking Our Lives into Our Hands Project: Interview with A. Sabyrbekova


20.04.2023  14:11

Within the period from February this year to December 31, 2025, the project "Taking Our Lives into Our Hands" will be implemented in the Beshik-Jon rural district in Bazar-Korgon district with the support of the US International organization ELCA.

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"Taking Our Lives into Our Hands" project in rural areas

117.04.2023  11:32

The project "Taking Life into Our Own Hands" launched in rural areas. This new project will be implemented by WPU Erayim with the financial support of the US International organization ELCA from February 1, 2023, to January 31, 2025.

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Taking Our Lives into Our Hands project in Kara-Suu

main20.04.2023  10:38

The project "Taking Our Lives into Our Hands" started its work in Uchkun village of Kara-Suu district. Traditionally, for the successful implementation of the new project, WPU Erayim signed a memorandum with the local government.

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The project "Back to Earth" - Taking Steps to More Sustainable Farming started its work

130.03.2023  11:03

Erayim Women's Public Union has launched a new project "Back to Earth" - Taking Steps to More Sustainable Farming.

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