Women’s Public Union (WPU) “Erayim” is a voluntary and non-profit organization, which concentrates its efforts on protecting rights and interests of women and the poor.

Women's Public Union "Erayim" was created in 1995 (along with the socio-political movement "Ashar") as a women's committee "Kurmanjan-Datka." This period was particularly difficult for large families and single mothers living in residential estates. The women's committee "Kurmanjan Datka" was established to help these women and was registered with the Ministry of Justice of the Kyrgyz Republic as WPU “Erayim” on March 19, 1998.

Currently WPU "Erayim" works to enhance the lives of vulnerable people living in remote villages and disadvantage suburbs so they can solve their problems through self-help groups (SHGs). One may ask: "Why SHG?" – there must be other kinds of self-help in Kyrgyz Republic, where members involved in one structure help each other and achieve success by acting collectively.

Since 2000 WPU "Erayim" has introduced and promoted this concept in housing estates in Bishkek and in the rural regions of the country as one of the methods to alleviate poverty. WPU “Erayim” has used the ideology of transition from passivity and inaction of the beneficiaries to one of empowerment in addressing local issues in all projects carried out over its life-time.