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Round table on local development issues

021.01.2022   11:56

In 2020, within the framework of the project ‘The Introduction of a Combination of Modern and Traditional Approaches to Prevent the Conflict in the South of Kyrgyzstan’, implemented by WPU Erayim, the Association of Self-Help Groups ‘Ak-Tilek’, ‘Akyikat’, ‘Asylzat’ of Bazar-Korgon and Akman municipalities Bazar-Korgon district raised seven issues that are considered the most relevant in rural areas.

The issues were presented to the leadership of the municipalities as proposals. In January 2021 at the regular meeting of the 7th convocation of the Bazar-Korgon and Akman local keneshes, three proposals from the Ak-Tilek ASHG and in February 2021 four proposals from the Akyikat and Asylzat ASHGs were considered and were included in the socio-economic development program of the municipalities for 2018-2023. For sure, the proposed issues are acute and relevant among the local population. Therefore, it is necessary to involve the public in its solution. In this connection, on December 16-17 last year, a round table was organized in Bazar-Korgon and Akman municipalities. It was attended by the heads of the above-mentioned municipalities, responsible specialists, deputies of local keneshes, representatives of public organizations, public activists and the public. At the round table on December 16, Akyikat and Asylzat ASHGs organized a round table meeting in Akman municipality to discuss and find solutions to the following issues.

Issue 1 - To equip the assembly hall of the secondary school-gymnasium No. 5 named after Toktogul.

Issue 2 - Open a small bakery in Akman village.

Issue 3 - Cleaning the inner streets of Akman village.

Issue 4 - Expansion of the medical assistant and obstetric clinic (FAP) in Kosh-Korgon village Akman municipality.

Each issue was vigorously discussed, the participants shared their views. Of course, local residents are interested in solving each problem. Therefore, they will support and assist the implementation of each. It was noted that in addressing these issues they will join their efforts. At the end of the round table, it was noted how each issue would be implemented, namely:

According to the first issue, the equipment of the assembly hall of gymnasium No. 5 named after Toktogul Kayirma village will be included in the 2022 budget of the municipality and will be implemented this year. On the second issue, a bakery has already been opened in Kaiyrma village Akman municipality, and the confectionery shop is expected to be opened in 2022. On the third issue, a cleaning company was established in Akman village to clean the inner streets of the village and provided with special equipment for a garbage removal. For waste management, members of Akman municipality, together with the Akman Initiative Youth Group, won a grant of 230,000 soms from IDEA CA. They bought 10 large garbage containers for 90,000 soms, 50 small bins for 140,000 soms and handed them over to the head of Akman municipality. According to the 4th issue, for the expansion of the FAP in Kosh-Korgon village Akman municipality, 10 acres of land from Zharake village were allocated and a state act was received. The Village Council and ‘Asylzat’ASHGs decided to write a project and submit it to the relevant organizations to carry out construction work.

On December 17, 2021, a round table was held in Bazar-Korgon, organized by the Ak-Tilek ASHGs, at which the following issues were considered:

Issue 1 - Construction of a typical kindergarten for 100 children in Ak-Taylak-2 village (Leninskaya MTF) in Bazar-Korgon.

Issue 2 - Put in order the disorderly shopping centers along B. Osmonov, A. Tekebaev, T. Saidullaev streets in Bazar-Korgon municipality, carry out garbage collection and provide sanitation.

Issue 3 - Establishment of a hairdressing salon in Besh-Badam village Bazar-Korgon municipality.

During the event, the following conclusions were made on the above issues.

Regarding issue 1, the construction of a kindergarten will be implemented in the period from 2022 to 2023. It is included in the plan of the Bazar-Korgon City Hall. Work on issue 2 has already been completed. 42 garbage containers have been installed on the streets of T. Saidullaev, A. Tekebaev, B. Osmonov, and the communal enterprise ‘Tazalyk’ under the Bazar-Korgon city mayor clean streets every day. For issue 3, a hairdressing salon has already opened in 2021 in Besh-Badam village, and it is serving the residents of the village. At the end of the round table, representatives of the municipalities and deputies expressed their readiness to resolve any issues raised by the ASHGs and cooperate in their joint implementation.






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