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Villagers Started to Sell Their Products

107.04.2021   15:09

In March this year, a sewing workshop for ten women was opened in Kyshmaala village Akman municipality of Bazar-Korgon district. They won a grant of 150,000 soms within the framework of the WPU Erayim project ‘Empowerment of Women in Rural Areas of Kyrgyzstan’ supported by the Direct Aid Program (DAP) of the Australian Government.

With this money, they bought four sewing machines and an overlock machine. Although these women had already formed their own self-help group, so far they didn’t have a job. Now they have a job, they opened their own sewing workshop and were provided with full-time work. The workshop was opened on the basis of a private house. According to the head of the workshop, Rakhimova Lobarkhan, they sewed women's spring and summer clothes for village women and girls. They also plan to make household items such as baskets, sleeves for bread baking, which are widely used in rural areas, and first sell them to villagers, after satisfying the needs of the village, they will take them to the market in the district center. Now they are trying to increase the number of manufactured products. With their earnings, they buy the necessary equipment for the workshop and create comfortable working conditions for themselves. These women created a self-help group in the framework of the project ‘The Introduction of a Combination of Traditional and Modern Approaches to Prevent the Conflict in the South of Kyrgyzstan’, implemented by the Women's Public Union Erayim. They helped in solving a number of secondary issues in the municipality by detecting problems and tried to regulate them. They took an active part in the social life of the village and made initiatives. They never tired of encouraging others to be active.





Baktykan Azhymamatova, Jalal-Abad Oblast

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