122.06.2020  15:56

Within the framework of the WPU Erayim project ‘Introduction of a Combination of Traditional and Modern Approaches to Prevent the Conflict in the South of Kyrgyzstan’ supported by German international organization Bread for the World, 30 children self-help groups with 226 members were created in the rural districts of Shark, Mady and Kyzyl-Kyshtak, Kara-Suu district.

Children SHGs conduct their activities according to the SHG Concept in environmental, social, charity fields. Every month they organize various events to strengthen harmony, friendship and peace. Along with this, annually members of groups actively participate in special training courses. Prior to this, members have trained on the topics: 'The Role of Parents in the Family and Society', 'Secrets of Success', 'Civil Responsibility'.

In the country, the number of people infected with the COVID-19 is growing day by day, and today the number of confirmed cases has reached 3356 people. There are predictions that the second wave of the disease may break out, therefore, to prevent it, on June 15, an information campaign entitled 'Stop COVID-19' was conducted. First, there was a need to find funds for organizing the event. To address this issue, we turned to Yiman-Nuru SHG in the rural district of Shark and, after receiving support from them, the event was conducted, says Bahurov Babur, a member of Balazhan CSHG.

SHG 'Yiman Nuru' allocated 2,000 soms from their internal savings for the information campaign. Children using these funds purchased 500 pieces of paper, 50 gloves, 50 medical masks and printer inks, for which they printed 300 black-and-white and 200 colour information leaflets for the prevention of COVID-19. Information leaflets were handed out to taxi drivers, sellers, canteens, shops and residents of the villages of the project areas.

“We express our deep gratitude to all the members of the CSHG who organized the information campaign, and also thank Erayim for the training of such initiative and promising future leaders, for the upbringing, education, support of our children,” said Osor Abduazimov, the head of the village and a resident of the village Shark Abduraiim Kudaiberdiev.






Erlan Davlatov, Osh Oblast