106.06.2020   13:15

In Shark municipality of Kara-Suu district, members of the Family SHG Navbahor headed by Atabek Turgunov participated in the training courses ‘Creating a Small Business’ and ‘Family Budget’ organized within the framework of the WPU Erayim project ‘Introduction of a Combination of Traditional and Modern Approaches to Prevent the Conflict in the South of Kyrgyzstan’ supported by German international organization Bread for World, they decided to start their family small business.

Firstly, based on the knowledge gained at the training courses, as well as on the advice of the local coordinator of the project on SHG Narynkul Dyushenalieva, they developed a business plan for the production of meat and dairy products at home. To implement this initiative, in March this year, they received a loan of 300,000 soms from Companion Bank, bought 4 bulls for 160,000 soms, 2 dairy cows for 100,000 soms and fodder for 40,000 soms.

Quarantine restrictions in the country did not negatively affect this new family business. Due to the coronavirus COVID-19, the markets were closed, people didn’t have the opportunity to buy products on the market, SHG Navbahor had the opportunity to provide their neighbours with meat and dairy products, thereby successfully running their business.

- We sold 25 litres of milk, 3 kg of cream, 10 litres of kefir per day, and also fed 160-kilogram bull to 200 kg within one month and sold its meat at 320 soms per kilogram. The meat was delivered to the grocery store for 64,000 soms and we gained a profit of 24,000 soms. The remaining 3 bulls are now feeding. And also having agreed with the members of the group, we decided to provide dairy products 2 needy families and 1 family with a member of a limited opportunity for 30 days, - says a member of the group Minazhat Turgunova.





Erlan Davlatov, Osh Oblast