03.06.2020   12:44

Within the framework of the project implemented by Women's Public Union Erayim, the maternal schools of Mady, Shark, Kyzyl-Kyshtak municipalities in Kara-Suu district, have organized distance learning for children and been keeping in touch with parents in the online mode because of the emergency due to the pandemic COVID-19.

Educators of 20 maternal and 5 indirect maternal schools also maintained close contact with the expert on maternal schools of WPU Erayim Dilnara Maygulakova. They introduced her to their curricula. 10 of the 20 maternal schools, today teach children with parental assistance remotely, according to the 480-hour ‘Balalyk’ program, - said Gulkayir Zhodldubaeva, the coordinator for maternal schools of Erayim.

During quarantine, educators have been giving their advice whenever possible on drawing, needlework to the children through groups created at WhatsApp. The main goal of these communications is to contribute to the full development of the children, - said Gulmeyiz Saparalieva, an educator at Bilim Nuru maternal school.

Currently, to prevent illness associated with the new virus, maternal school staff should primarily care about cleanliness and personal hygiene. They will prepare to open maternal schools by cleaning and disinfecting courtyards, classrooms and bedrooms, equipping them with the necessary medical supplies, - said Zulfiya Yuldashova from Akniyet Bala maternal school, and Sanabar Sulaymanova from Kurstan indirect maternal school.






Erlan Davlatov, Osh oblast