204.05.2020  12:07

In connection with the current situation in the country, the Ethno-ensemble Club, organized at secondary schools in the project areas of Jalal-Abad oblast within the framework of the project “The Introduction of a Combination of Traditional and Modern Approaches to Prevent the Conflict in the South of Kyrgyzstan” conducts online-lessons.

The project is supported by German international organization Bread for the World (Brot für die Welt). According to the head of the Club, Burul Stamkulova, the lessons were not stopped despite the emergency of state was introduced in the area. Using the WhatsApp, individual lessons were held with each student in the club and repeated the learned topics. More than thirty students are consistently attending the club wish to learn how to play the ooz komuz (metal labial (oral) plucked instrument), dutar, komuz and urma. They take turns getting in touch, and we work together through online lessons. In such a situation, I cannot reject their request and I have to conduct additional lessons,” Burul Stamkulova added. At present, during the lessons, I pay more attention to music notes, since most of the children do not have musical instruments. I gave my instruments to some of them, such as komuz and ooz komuz. Classes for members of the circle are held according to the approved schedule.






Baktykan Azhymamatova, Jalal-Abad oblast