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Technical trainings for starting a small business were carried out in Kara-Suu district

113.12.2020   10:35

On December 7-9 this year, in Shark, Mady and Kyzyl-Kyshtak rural districts of Kara-Suu district, technical trainings were held to develop the entrepreneurial activities of Self-Help Groups within the framework of the WPU Erayim project ‘Women Empowerment in Rural Areas of Kyrgyzstan’, supported by Australian Government Direct Aid Program (DAP).

It should be noted that previously, within the framework of the project, training courses on “Business planning, budgeting (family, enterprise) and food processing” were organized for selected members of Self-Help Groups and as a result, 9 projects were proposed by Self-Help Groups to start a small and medium business in rural districts in different directions. From the proposed projects, by the decision of the expert commission, the business project ‘Beekeeping’ from a SHG of Mady municipality, the business project ‘Greenhouse’ from Shark municipality, the business project ‘Confectionery Shop’ from Kyzyl-Kyshtak municipality were chosen, respectively technical trainings were organized in the above directions.

The technical training in beekeeping was conducted by an experienced beekeeper, veterinarian and trainer Zhyldyzbek Mamasaitov. The training lasted 3 days and was attended by 10 members from Self-Help Groups 'Datkayim', 'Akniet' and 'Dostuk' of the rural district of Mady. The training was conducted with a balance between theory and practice. The first day was devoted to the maintenance, care and breeding of bees, the second day of the training, the training participants learned how to get high-quality honey, prepare medicine from propolis and puma, and on the third day, they studied methods of treating and preventing bee diseases, and also mastered making boxes for bees.




A 3-day technical training on the greenhouse business was held in Shark rural district. The training was conducted by an experienced agronomist and trainer Baiysh Zholdoshov. The training was attended by 11 members of Self-Help Groups "Raduga" and "Gulbahar". On the first day of the training, the participants mastered lessons on the types of greenhouses, on the choice of land for the construction of a greenhouse, soil preparation, planting schemes, and also learned how to properly maintain the temperature regime of the greenhouse. And the next day, they studied methods of protecting plants from insect pests and combating them, the last day of the training was devoted to the issues of correct management of agrotechnical measures, correct irrigation, as well as the secrets of the correct minting of leaves when growing tomatoes and cucumbers.




On the same days, in the rural district of Kyzyl-Kyshtak, 10 members of the Self-Help Group 'Arzuu' participated in the training course 'Confectionery Shop'. The training was conducted by the head of the mini confectionery shop 'Shirin', an experienced confectioner and trainer Anara Erkebaeva. The first day of the training was devoted to safety rules and sanitary and hygienic requirements, first aid, along with this, the participants got acquainted with the confectionery equipment, the next day of the training the trainer focused on the history of the confectionery business, after which the participants baked muffins, cookies, biscuits, gingerbread and buns. The final day of the training was devoted to the preparation of desserts, here the participants learned how to make a classic biscuit, cream and honey cake, as well as to beautifully decorate pastries.




According to the goals and objectives of the project, as a result of technical trainings, stable small businesses were opened in certain areas, the business potential of women increased, and the problem of unemployment in rural areas is expected to be resolved. 

Erlan Davlatov, Osh Province

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